What we do

Weekly classes & social dancing.

Running Friday night classes in Leeds city centre since 2006, we take pride in keeping our classes fun and accessible for complete beginner dancers (especially those who have never danced before or feel they have no natural aptitude).
Our beginners classes are always very well attended and we specialise in getting you dancing and enjoying this easy-to-learn partner dance as quickly as you’re able.

Nothing flashy. Just dancing.

As your skills progress we keep to solid leadable moves & technique you can take to the social dance floor. You’ll notice we avoid fancy Salsa-styling & footwork and stick to getting you more quickly to the fun and freedom that freestyle partnered dance offers.

Social Dancing.

A friendly bunch of dancers attend our classes and enjoy their dancing so much they’ve recently started running their own social dancing sessions after classes each week. Every week they welcome brand-new dancers to stay and try out social dancing (and since they seek only to cover the room hire it’s an absolute bargain at just £1). You can find out more about them on Twitter under Salsa Socials.

Salsa, but not strictly.

We have a large crossover with the Lindy Hop dance community in Leeds and several of our dancers are also Lindy Hoppers. As such our Salsa draws upon influences from the Lindy Hop dance form that celebrates it’s freedom and creativity. So our Salsa has a distinctive look and feel you may not often see elsewhere. Find out more about Lindy Hop in Leeds.

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