why should I?

Reasons you should Lindy Hop:

  • It’s fun…seriously.
  • You will get good exercise without even noticing
  • You’ll learn how to freestyle so you can look nifty in clubs…
  • …but we won’t put you on the spot in classes.
  • You don’t need any experience and there are no auditions. We have beginners and intermediates classes which stay at the same level so you learn at the pace that suits you & only move up when you’re ready
  • Our regular teachers have several years of Lindy Hop experience but are entirely unpaid, which makes the classes an absolute bargain.
  • You have the chance (but no pressure) to perform in various shows in and around leeds.
  • It’s a great leveler. We have people of all backgrounds and abilities, not that we even notice since it’s all about the dance.
  • It’s a fantastic way to meet people and there are always new folks arriving to give it a go.
  • It’s as social as you’re comfortable with. We have folks who just come for the classes, those who stick around for a bit of social dancing, and even a gang that heads off to the pub afterwards for some non-Lindy action.
  • It may even make you smarter.
  • It will make you happier.

by Alison Jones & Jo Casey

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