Swing Dance Leeds Classes, Performances and Private Lessons
Swing Jive Leeds Monday classes in Moortowm
LUU Swing Soc Leeds University Society
Teapots and Twirls Saturday afternoon socials
Underbeat Blues
Monthly classes + dancing in Leeds Centre
LSX Leeds Swing Exchange
Balboa North Weekly classes and socials

and beyond

Kingston Swing Hull classes and Workshops
Hullzapoppin Annual dance camp in Hull
The Dance Co Sheffield Wednesday night classes
Lindy Hop Sheffield Weekend Socials & Workshops
SU Swing Dance Soc Sheffield University
Manchester Lindy Weekly classes and socials
Lindy Jazz in Newcastle
Jive Swing classes/events in and around Hertford
Lindy@theLight Xmas Lindy for the NSPCC
Balboa North Weekly Classes & Socials

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