Frequently Asked

We’re asked various questions each week at LindyFridays so we feature the most common ones here to help you more easily find the answers you need.

How long are the classes / How much do they cost?

Classes last around 45mins & we charge just £5 entry for the whole night (so costs the same whether you stay for 1 class or both).

What should I wear?

Classes are held at a city centre rehearsal space so people generally dress fairly casually.
Shoes however, can be important. You should avoid:
High-heels (can make you less steady while turning if you’re a novice dancer).
Trainers (these tend to have sticky soles which can strain on your knees when you turn).
Flip-Flops (can fall off as you dance. obvious perhaps but we see a lot this in summer).
Some comfortable shoes you can move/spin easily in (with less than 2 inch heels) will give you the best chance starting out.

Do I need a partner or can I come on my own?

No you don’t need a partner and it’s just fine to come on your own (in fact most people do). There’s always plenty of other folks to dance with and everyone swaps round so you get to dance with many different people during the class.

Where is best to park close to the venue?

The best parking are the on-street parking bays which are £2 after 6pm and close to the venue. We’ve this handy map to parking on streets close-by. The university car park is usually free in the evening but it is a short walk away.

I have 2 left feet / no rhythm / have never danced before. Will I be able to do it?

Our classes are very accessible and every week are pitched specifically for beginner dancers who have never danced before, so you should be able to get through the class without feeling too challenged regardless of any innate ability.
There are a few people who expect a great deal of themselves on their first lesson, and they can become frustrated if they don’t get the hang of it immediately. If that sounds like you, then it can be useful think of it like you would learning a foreign language. Initially you may not be able to say much (or pronounce things very well) but with regular practice over the weeks and months your ability will steadily grow.

How many people are there in a class?

Numbers vary week-to-week so there’s no hard and fast figures although you can expect between 30-40 folks per class on any given week. We’re somewhat busier in the run-up to Christmas & just after New Year.

What sort of age range come to your classes?

This can vary week-to-week and there’s quite a wide range of ages attend (from students 18+ up to retirees in their 60’s and older). However the majority of folks at class on any given week are likely to be in their 20’s & 30’s.

Do I need to book or pay anything in advance?

No need to book. Just show up in time for the class and pay on the night.

Can I join anytime or do I need to wait for start of next course?

We run only standalone “drop-in” style classes every week, so it makes no difference which week you choose to join.

Can I bring a large group of friends / colleagues on the same night?

Yes that’s fine. We have a good sized room in our venue so we can cope even if you are bringing a large group but please respect that other people are here to take the class also.

How many classes will I need to be any good?

There’s no simple answer to this but:
– The short version is; You can’t know in advance (we all learn new skills at different speeds). However, after a couple of months of classes you should start to get a feel for how quickly you’re picking it up and how fast you might be likely to improve.

I’ve taken classes for months but never seem to improve.

At beginner level it’s most productive to attend classes every week until you’re confident enough to be dancing socially. If you attend classes only occasionally and don’t yet dance socially there won’t be the same consolidation of skills you’ve learned and you may find progress frustratingly slow. For how to improve more quickly see below.

How can I improve more quickly?

Practice (and plenty of it).
Attend every class you can find and start social dancing as quickly as you can (with as many different people as you can). If you’re taking classes AND social dancing EVERY week with a wide range of partners, you’ll soon start to see your dancing improve very quickly indeed.

Where else can I dance Lindy Hop in Leeds?

There are various other classes and events around, swingdanceleeds is a good place to check for what’s going on. Or you can follow any of the links to different groups on our links page. You might also want to check out our Facebook group where many of our dancers post info on other Lindy Hop to be had around Leeds.

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