Lindy Fridays is a Not-For-Profit organisation and we run based on some founding principles. These define what we are as a organisation and what we aim to achieve.

We are “for the Lindy Hop community and run entirely by volunteers from the Lindy Hop community”, so if there’s anything we don’t provide that you think we should, just contact or post your ideas on our facebook group and we’ll see how you can best help us do just that.

Constitution for Lindy Fridays founded 4th April 2006
(Revised 8th May 2015)

  • The name of our group is “Lindy Fridays”
  • We exist to provide and promote opportunities to learn and dance Lindy Hop (and Authentic Jazz dance) in and around Leeds
  • We endeavour to make Lindy Hop more accessible to the general public by:
    providing discounted tuition
    holding classes/events accessible to beginner dancers
    at city centre venues wherever possible
  • We are for the Lindy Hop community and run by volunteers from the Lindy Hop community
  • We support and mentor upcoming Lindy Hop talent by maintaining strong links with other swing dance groups in Leeds and providing opportunities to teach, choreograph and perform.
  • Any profits are used to further enhance the Leeds Lindy Hop scene in various ways including:
    – Subsidising classes & tickets to local Lindy Hop social events
    – Funding public liability insurance and other incentives for teachers
    Supporting other not-for-profit Lindy Hop ventures by our members and the local Lindy Hop community
  • On dissolution of the group, any funds remaining after the satisfaction of any debts and liabilities shall be transferred to other not-for-profit Lindy Hop groups in or around Leeds.

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